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This week the radio show covers how powerful women are boosting our families and our economy.  *Special guests include: U.S. Senator Kirstin Gillibrand; Monifa Bandele, MomsRising; Washington State Senator Pramila Jayapal; and Vivien Labaton, Make It Work

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This show starts with tips for you on how to use Facebook, Twitter, and email to change the world from a social media guru. In the next segment a Washington Post journalist shares some surprising insights.  And then a surprise guest shares insights on breaking through partisan barriers. We close the show talking about the hidden dangers of … Make up: It turns out that there are harmful chemicals in too many of the products that many of us wear daily.  Find out how to avoid them.

*Special guests include: Anita Jackson, MomsRising Social Media Director; Brigid Shulte, award-winning author including of the book, Overwhelmed, and Washington Post journalist; Bill Finkbeiner, former Washington State Senate Majority leader; and Nancy Buermeyer, Breast Cancer Fund.

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Ester Armah On Black Lives Matter
State Senator Pramila Jayapal On Immigration Reform
Amy Dawson Taggart On Mission: Readiness.
Eric Liu On "A Chinaman's Chance: On Family's Journey & the Chinese American Dream"
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You may have missed it: There was just an election debate on criminal justice reform — and change happened.  We talk about it on the #RADIO show this week. Don’t miss out. Our next segment takes a close look at children and healthcare—and why kids health is being used as a political football.  Again.  Then in the next interview we discuss net neutrality, and ask the question: How important is having free flowing information at your fingertips to you? Last but far from least, in honor of Veteran’s Day we talk about how mission readiness includes having healthy people in our nation.

*Special guests include: Lenore AndersonExecutive Director, Californians for Safety and JusticeEd Walz, First FocusMalkia Cyril, The Center for Media JusticeAmy Dawson Taggart, Mission: Readiness.

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Living Room conversations, how to have them and why they are important, launch this radio show.  Our next segment takes a close look at the situation with housing discrimination against moms, a recent settlement with Wells Fargo bank, and what to do if you think you're being discriminated against.  Voter suppression and the importance of voting is the core of our next segment.  And the show closes with an update on gun safety measures, background checks for gun purchases, and the diminishing power of the NRA.
*Special guests include: Joan Blades, of LivingRoom Conversations, MoveOn, and MomsRising;  Secretary of HUD Julian Castro; Zach Silk,  Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility; Barbara Arnwine, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.
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We come Off the Sidelines this week with U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  Then our next segment covers voting-- and why your vote, your neighbors vote, your friends and families votes, matter.  Then the next interview is with the award-winning author of many books, including most recently, A Blind Spot for Boys.  Hear how to be a good story teller and keep people riveted in conversations, speeches, and at the dining room table.  Last but far from least, we discuss ROCK STARS, yes Rock Stars, with Rock the Vote.

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First up: We get the inside scoop on what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri right now and where we are in the fight for #JusticeForMikeBrown. Our next segment covers the latest in efforts to advance gun safety policies. California just made a major advance. Find out how. Then the next interview covers one of the biggest monetary return on investments in our nation right now: Childcare!  Last but far from least we get tips on how you can take great pictures of yourself, #SELFIES!, friends, kids, and well pretty much everything.
*Special guests include: Jamala Rogers, Organization for Black Struggle; Josh Horritz, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence; Helen Blank, National Women's Law Center; Latosha Francis, professional photographer, The Captured Life.


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Monifa Bandele

Congressman Tim Ryan

Shireen Mitchell

dream hampton

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First up on the radio show this week: We talk about gerrymandering, sneakily redrawing the Congressional lines in Florida, and voter suppression.  Our next segment shares the importance of… drum roll please… VACATIONS to working productively!  Then the next interview covers how to compel people, politicians, and colleagues to listen to you.  Last but far from least we hear the latest about the growing food justice movement and about how we all can work together to address police brutality.
*Special guests include: Deirdre Macnab, President of the League of Women Voters of Florida; John Neffinger, author of the book, Compelling People; Brigid Schulte, Washington Post write and author of the best-selling book, Overwhelmed; Monifa Bandele, MomsRising.
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First up: We hear about how Ted Wafer, the man who killed Renisha McBride, the unarmed teenager who was shot on a porch through a locked door as she was seeking help after a car accident, was finally convicted in Michigan.  Our next segment gives an update on the child refugee crisis happening right now in our nation. Then the next interview covers the FAMILY Act and paid family leave, AKA maternity/paternity leave.  Last but far from least we hear the latest about the Staten Island dad who died from a police chokehold, a death that was recently ruled to be a homicide, and we talk about addressing police brutality.

*Special guests include: dream hampton, writer, activist and filmmaker from Detroit, and campaign consultant with MomsRising; Jennifer PodkulMigrant Rights and Justice Program; Vicki Shabo, National Partnership for Women & Families; and Matt Nelson,
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