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On the #RADIO show this week we celebrate that millions of women again just took to the streets to march on the Women’s March anniversary with the co-President of the march; we celebrate that paid family/medial leave is gaining momentum across the nation including in Pennsylvania where a recent poll found 80% support; we cover the new book Invisible No More: Police ViolenceAgainst Black Women and Women of Color; and we discuss the danger of marginalized communities getting pushed out of dual language programs and why it impacts you.

*Special guests include: Bob Bland, co-Preident of the Women’s March, @WomensMarch; Carey Cummings, Working Families Party PA, @wgfpaAndrea Ritchie, author, @dreanyc123; Conor Williams, New America, @NewAmerica.
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On the #RADIO show this week we talk about how people powered positive change is happening right now across the nation—and hear examples of recent wins across the country. We also get the inside scoop on the State of America's Children from the Children’s Defense Fund.
*Special guests include: Melissa Stewart@NYSWorkersComp‏; Councilmember Antonio Reynoso, @CMReynoso34; Maine Speaker of the House Sara Gideon, @saragideon; MaryLee Allen, Children’s Defense Fund, @ChildDefender
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On the radio show this week we talk about hope in the holidays — and how to find more hope and joy in this often stressful season; we cover transformative justice and electronic language dissonance  talk about pulling the fire alarm on the childcare crisis in America; and discuss how wins are happening in a BIG way in states across the nation.
*Special guests include: Rachel Thomas, LeanIn, @LeanInOrg; Andy Izenson, attorney with Diana Adams Law & Mediation; Lynette Fraga, Childcare Aware of America, @childcareaware; and Karyn Bruggeman, State Innovation Exchange (SiX), @stateinnovation
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On the #RADIO show this week, we cover the importance of net neutrality; how and why to speak up about the tax debacle in Congress; what’s happening with resisting and persisting in the states — and why we need to fight for the DREAM Act; and how paid family medical leave passed in New York!
*Special guests include: Jessica Rosenworcel, FCC Commissioner, @jrosenworcel; Elaine Maag, Urban Institute, @urbaninstitute; Sam Mungar, SiX,  @stateinnovation; and Molly Weston Williamson, A Better Balance, @ABetterBalance
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On the radio show this week we break down why the GOP tax plans are a disaster for our economy and for working families; we cover the MASSIVE effort being coordinated to get the word out about the open enrollment window for healthcare on through December 15th; hear from the brother of Khaleaf Browder about youth, criminalization, and why we need to raise the age; and get the inside scoop from a former elected official on the state of politics in America right now.
*Special guests include:  Elyssa Koidin-Schmier, MomsRising, @MomsRising;  Erin Hemlin, Young Invincibles, @YoungInvincible; Deion Browder, brother of Khaleaf Browder; and Bill Finkbeiner, political expert.
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On the radio show this week we cover how to get healthcare coverage (Go to by December 15th!), what’s happening with our environment, why the GOP & Trump tax plan hurts businesses and our economy, and how to take action to stop xenophobic policies from moving forward.  *Special guests include: Emily Barson, Senior Advisor, Get America Covered, @GetUSCovered; Sarah Vogel, Vice President of Health, Environmental Defense Fund, @EnvDefenseFundReShonda Young, Business Owner, @mainstreetweets; Khadija Gurnah, Campaign Director, MomsRising, @MomsRising

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On the radio show this week we talk about the destructive GOP tax plan and what you can do to fight back; gun safety policies and why they are needed; protecting healthcare; and the power of people.

*Special guests include: U.S. Representative Judy Chu, @RepJudyChu; Timothy Johnson, Guns & Public Safety Program Director at Media Matters, @mmfa; Andrew Bates, Deputy Communications Director at American Bridge, @American_Bridge; and Anita Jackson, Director of Digital Communications at MomsRising, @MomsRising
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On the radio show this week, we cover winning the elections; momentum picking up for early learning in DC; immigration and the importance of passing the Dream Act; and an update on the fight for healthcare for all.

*Special guests include: DC Councilperson Robert White, @RobertWhite_DC;  Rep. Jennifer Boyosko, Virginia General Assembly, @JenniferBoysko; Joshua Bernstein, @SEIU;  and Felicia Willems, MomsRising, @MomsRising.

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On the radio show this week we hear from the woman who started the #MeToo movement many years ago; catch up on the #VoteRunLead push to get more women in office (Remember to vote!!!); hear about what you can do about the Trump tax proposal and the budget process  #TrumpTaxScam; and get an update on the fight for healthcare and CHIP.  Learn what  you can do & how to have an impact as you get up-to-date on what’s going on in DC!
*Special guests include: Tarana Burke, Just Be Inc., @TaranaBurke Erin Vilardi, VoteRunLead, @VoteRunLead; Chad Bolt, Indivisible, @chadderr; Joan Alker, Children and Families (CCF) and a Research Professor at the Georgetown University, @JoanAlker1
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On the show this week we cover Sarah McBride’s new book, Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss and the Fight for Trans Equality, as well as discuss the ways to help fight back again Trump’s anti-LGBTQ+ attacks; hear the story of the win of the best in the nation policy for paid family medical leave in Washington State; learn about how the wage gap is impacting Latina women; and uncover the benefits of dual-language learning.
*Special guests include: Sarah McBride,  author and Human Rights Campaign, @HRC@SarahEMcBride; Washington State Senator Karen Keiser, @KarenKeiser1; Mónica Ramirez, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), @LCLAA; and Fabrice Jaumont, author of The Bilingual Revolution: The Future of Education is in Two Languages@FabriceJaumont 
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