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If Congress doesn't act before 11:59pm on December 31st, then our nation could go over the "fiscal cliff." This week on the #RADIO show we talk about our national economy and what the cliff could look like for all of us.

*Special guests include: Imara Jones, Economic Justice contributor for ColorLines Magazine; Sarah Anderson, IPS Global Economy Project Director;  Nick Hanauer, entrepreneur, author, and activist;  U.S. Representative Donna Edwards;  and Jared Solomon, Senior Director, Budget Policy at First Focus.

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What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School was an unspeakable tragedy. There have been 16 mass shootings this year in the United States alone that have risen to the level of national news, as well as many mass shootings that don't ever make it into the national dialogue. In fact, each day 34 people are murdered with guns in our nation. This is not okay. It's time to improve our gun safety laws.
On this show we talk about turning this trend around, about gun violence prevention, and about protecting our children and communities.
*Special guests include: Lori Haas, parent of VA Tech survivor, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG); Cliff Schecter, best-selling author and gun violence prevention expert; Ashley Boyd, MomsRising; Byron Hurt, award winning filmmaker; and Dean Baker -Co-Director Center for Economic and Policy Research.
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On this show we're talking with a billionaire, moms, economists, and experts about our national priorities, taxes, and what the budget says about who we are as a nation.  Times have changed. In our modern economy, the "safety net" is also a ladder to opportunity in important new ways that we explore with lively guests.

*Special guests include: Nick Hanauer, entrepreneur, author, and activist; Jo Comerford, Executive Director, National Priorities Project; Alex Lawson, Social Security Works;  Monifa Bandele and Dream Hampton, MomsRising Super Women; Margie Omero, Momentum, DC.
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Money, politics, and bears… Oh my!  From moms bringing bears (Yes, bears!) to Congress to urge them not to put moms & families in an "unbearable" financial situation, to the latest on the full implementation of health reform and the fiscal cliff, this week we cover the top topics facing our nation in lively conversations.

*Special guests include: Sarah Anderson, IPS Global Economy Project Director;  Imara Jones is the Economic Justice contributor for; U.S. Representative Donna Edwards; Ruth Martin and Charlie Rose, MomsRising; and Carrie Fitzgerald, Senior Policy Advisor and Jared Solomon, Senior Director, Budget Policy at First Focus.
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Artists, activists, advocates, and experts all tackle the latest on what's at stake with the fiscal cliff.  From trees to childcare, this show covers it all--and even covers how to take the best photographs to spark civic engagement around the fiscal cliff and other issues online.
*Special guests include: David Rolfe, International VP SEIU; Emily Goldstein, photographer, Wild and Crazy Pearl blogger, and advocate; Ruth Martin, MomsRising Superwoman; Helen Blank, National Women's Law Center; David Goldston, National Resources Defense Council.  
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