Breaking Through with Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner (Powered by MomsRising)
The #RADIO show this week covers immigration policy and what’s next for our nation; the lowdown on women owned businesses; talking to kids about tragic events like what happened in Paris and Beirut; the #WithinReach campaign and what you can do to boost our economy and families.
*Special guests include: Wendy Cervantes, First FocusNanette Fondas, award-wining author and academic; Eileen Carter-Campos,; Sarah Baron, American Progress. 
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The #radio show this week covers tips for increasing your, and your child’s, emotional intelligence; how to stop harassment by landlords; breaking through with childcare policy; and how to thrive in a culture of hyper masculinity, how films create cultural change, and how SoulFood Junkies is now on Netflix.

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The #RADIO show this week covers tips for getting all kids access to healthy foods, ending pregnancy discrimination, discusses the distance between the minimum wage and the living wage, and what’s reveals what’s going on in Iowa with the Presidential election!

*Special guests include: Bettina Elias Siegel,  The Lunch Tray; Phoebe Taubman, A Better Balance; Jill Reese, Alliance for a Just Society; and Rachel Ong, Strategic Elements.

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Women in sports and leadership, breaking the school to prison pipeline, what’s in the national budget for you, and turning despair into hope… announcing The Women’s Building.  *Special guests include: Sarah Howard-Garoutte, MomsRising; Kesi Foster, Urban Youth Collaborative; Debbie Weinstein, Coalition on Human Needs; Pamela Shifman, NoVo Foundation and The Women’s Building. 

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