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We start out hearing from U.S. Representative Sandy Levin about the fight in Congress around unemployment insurance--and hear what's really going on in those marbled halls. Next up we find out about the FAMILY Act and what it could mean for your family. Then we talk patriotism, democracy and football with a leading author. And we close the show talking happiness!
*Special guests include: U.S. Representative Sander “Sandy” Levin, Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee; Ruth Martin, MomsRising; Eric Liu, award-winning author, educator, and civic entrepreneur, including founder of Citizen University; and John De Graaf, award-winning author of Affluenza andWhat’s the Economy for, Anyway? and documentary filmmaker, director of Take Back Your Time and co-founder of The Happiness Initiative
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We start out hearing how women leaders are changing the labor movement and winning!  Next up we find out how well the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is working -- and get the inside scoop on how you can get affordable healthcare. We then have a conversation with an award winning novelist and speechwriter about finding your voice, your path, and success.  And we close the show getting the latest on voting rights and talking about how democracy is more than a spectator sport.

*Special guests include: Bryce Covert, author and Economic Policy Editor for; Felicia Willems, MomsRising; Justina Chen, award-winning author;   Garlin Gilchrist II. MoveOn.
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This show starts out hearing about flame retardants in your furniture and why you should be paying attention to this; then we jump into hearing about Representative Donna Edwards New Year's resolutions for action in the coming year in Congress. We follow her interview with an in depth look at the "War on Poverty."  It's been 50 years since President Johnson unequivocally declared a "War on Poverty," and we're going to find out what's happened -- and what still needs to happen now since nearly a quarter of young families today are living in poverty.

*Special guests include: Dr. Arlene Blum, Green Science Policy Institute; U.S. Representative Donna Edwards; Sharon Parrot, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; Professor Peter Edalman, Georgetown University Law Center.
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This show is all about the new year and new year's resolutions.  We cover what we're resolving to do in the new year, both personally and politically; as well as the victories we're celebrating from 2013. 

*Special guests include: Lisa Maatz, American Association of University Women (AAUW); Ai-jen Poo, National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) and Caring Across Generations campaign; Jo Comerford, National Priorities Project; Monifa Bandele, MomsRising.
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