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*Special Guests include: Dayna Farris-Fisher, Cancer Survivors Network @PPactJulie Morgenstern, award winning author,  @JulieMorgenstrn;  Lois Frankel, United States Representative, @RepLoisFrankel; Bill Finkbeiner, political analyst, @BillFinkbeiner 
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On the #RADIO show this week we talk about the national security impacts of Trump’s false Tweets; we hear about the latest in the fight for healthcare in DC and what you can do about it; then we get the inside scoop on how policies are still moving forward at the state level and how you can make an impact; and we close the show hearing from a high road business about how paid family leave is boosting their bottom line. 
*Special guests include: Juliette Kayyem, author of Security Mom and national security expert, @juliettekayyem;  Joan Alker, Center for Children and Families (CCF) at Georgetown University, @GeorgetownCCF; Washington State Representative Tana Senn, @TanaSenn; Emily Hall Warren, Badger, @BadgerBalmUSA
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This episode is a re-broadcast of the 2/27/17 show
On the #RADIO show this week we cover the fight for healthcare and what you can do; how wins are happening at the state level, including on paid family/medical leave; the contributions of immigrant families to our nation; and the recent uptick in anti-semitism and bigotry and how to combat it.
*Special guests include: Edwin Park, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, @EdwinCBPP; Maggie Humphreys, MomsRising, @MomsRising;  Xakota Espinoza, ColorLines and Race Forward, @Colorlines; Stacy Burdett, Anti-Defamation League, @ADL_National
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On the #RADIO show we discuss transgender rights and the importance of not allowing bullying on our watch, we also discuss how important, positive changes are still happening at the school district, city, county, and state levels.  Then we discuss exactly how high impact all the recent activism has been and get tips for taking action.  Next up is a conversation with an immigration rights attorney about a "Know Your Rights” video in English & Spanish that has gone viral. We close the show talking about the wage gap, who is impacted, and how to fix it.
*Special guests include:  Sarah McBride,  Human Rights Campaign, @SarahEMcBride, @HRC;  Carolina Rubio MacWright, immigration attorney; Anna Galland, MoveOn, @annagalland;  and Sung Yeon Choimorrow, NAPAWF.
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