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Join us LIVE from Netroots Nation in San Jose, CA as we hear from national opinion leaders and pundits about the top topics impacting our nation.

Thank you to special guests, including: Mark Glazedirector of Mayors Against Illegal Guns; Joel Silberman Founder and President, Media Talent 2.0 Inc.; Sally Kohn, writer, activist and television commentator; Jehmu GreeneFox News contributor, co-founder of Define American, and former President of the Women’s Media Center; Dr. Kimberly Ellis aka Dr. Goddess scholar of American and Africana Studies, an artist, activist and entrepreneur who was named one of the "Most Influential Black Women on Twitter." 
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Addressing rape culture.  Moving forward gun policy reform.  Exploring the fact that motherhood is now a bigger predictor of wage discrimination than gender. Talking with a new dad about paternity leave.  And a DIY moment: How to make the dads in your life a boo-boo kit for Father's Day to help nurture their nurturing.

*Thank you to special guests, including Shauna Thomas, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director for UltraViolet (@UltraViolet); Po Murray, Vice Chair of the Newtown Action Alliance (@ponumurray); Joya Misra, Editor of the journal, Gender & Society(@JoyaMisra); David Shuster, Host of Take Action News With David Shuster (@DavidShuster); Felicia Willems, Associate Campaign Director, MomsRising (@Felicia_Willems)Nina Perez, Fellow at MomsRising (@Nina_0421)

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A Pew study came out showing that moms are now 40% of breadwinners, and conservative "pundits" and politicians starting panicking, saying working moms are a "catastrophe" making America "mediocre," and more.  Ridiculous!  On this show experts and moms tell the real story about how having moms in the labor force is both a necessity for many families and is also helping our overall economy. We discuss the irony of leaders saying that moms shouldn't work as they also cut programs for hungry kids like SNAP (food stamps), we learn about ways to get access to healthy food, including how to buildi your own container garden), and more!

Thank you to special guests, including: Karen Showalter, MomsRising;  Avis DeWeaver, President and CEO of Incite Unlimited, and Host of the new nationally-syndicated NPR radio show, Focus Point with Avis Jones-DeWeever;  AnnMarie Duchon,  MomsRising member; Maya Rockeymoore, Global Policy Solutions;  Rep. McGovern (D-MA). #ManPanic 
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 On this show we uncover what's going on with kids and food; hear the latest about the 49 school closures in Chicago; learn about what started a key leader on the path to leadership when she was five years old; and find out how women took on Facebook's policies about sexist imagery and won.

*Thank you to special guests, including: Lakshmi Sridaran, Praxis Project; Veronica Arreola, professional feminist, speaker, mom, wife, writer (Viva La Feminista), troublemaker and PhD student; Ai-jen Poo National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA); Jaclyn Friedman, Women, Action, and the Media! (WAM!)

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