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On this #radio show we cover the impact of the Malignant Cheeto, AKA Donald Trump, on America.  We discuss changing demographics, public policy—including Trump’s flimsy childcare proposal, voter engagement, and the Olympics.

*Special guests include: Steve Phillips, author of Brown is the New White; Ashley Boyd, MomsRising; Helen Blank, National Women’s Law Center; and Monifa Bandele, MomsRising.

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On this show we cover the steps you can take to be an antiracist activist, hear the latest on Hillary Clinton, dive into disarming hate, and talk about hope as we cover where political wins are happening at the local level across the country.

*Special guests include: Tim Wise, antiracist essayist, author and educator; Joanne Bamberger, author and editor-in-chief of The Broad Side; Jason Hayes, celebrity hair stylist and organizer of the #DisarmHate2016 Rally; and Teresa Mosqueda, WA State Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

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On this #RADIO show we cover Trump, the RNC, and how your voice is needed; then we move on to discuss rape culture and the Stanford case; the next segment covers immigration policy and how immigrants contribute to our economy; and then we close the show talking about happiness in public policy.

*Special guests include: Rashad Robinson, ColorOfChange; Kaili Lambe, UltraViolet; Ai-jen Poo, Caring Across Generations; and Dr. Jennifer Glass, University of Texas.

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On the #RADIO show this week we cover favorite desserts and policy; fact checking Trump; raising the federal minimum wage for tipped workers up from $2.13 per hour; and how to get kids access to healthy foods in the summer.

*Joanna Blotner, DC Paid Family Leave - @DCPaidLeave; Ashley Boyd, MomsRising - @MomsRising; Saru Jayaraman, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United) - @SaruJayaraman; and Audrey Rowe, U.S. Department of Agriculture - @USDANutrition.
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On this #RADIO show we feature one of the top pollsters in the nation sharing what’s really going on right now in our nation, then we hear from a noted CNN commentator and author about her take on the battle between Bernie and Hillary.  The show then moves to hear about the #AskTheMayor campaign from Constance Malcolm, a grieving mother turned activist whose unarmed son, Ramarley Malcolm, was fatally shot in their Bronx apartment by New York City police officer, Richard Haste. The show closes with the inside scoop on a new report, Overworked America: The economic causes and consequences of working long hours.
*Special guests include:  Celinda Lake, Lake Research & award-winning author - @celindalake; Sally Kohn, CNN commentator and author - @sallykohn; Constance Malcolm, mother of Ramarley Graham, #AskTheMayor campaign - @RiseUp4Ramarley; Heather Boushey, Executive Director, Equitable Growth & Senior Economist at American Progress - @HBoushey.
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On this show we cover the growing momentum to end mass incarceration and move forward criminal justice reform; then we move on to discuss the recent debates and who said what and how.  The next segments covers the top things to eliminate from your diet to be healthier and how to build a culture of health in America.  Then we close the show uncovering how investments in kids and families increase our global competitiveness.
*Special guests include: Monifa Bandele, MomsRising; John Neffingerthe president of the Franklin Forum & co-author of Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities that Make Us Influential; Victoria Brown, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation;  Elaine Weiss​, Broader Bolder Approach to Education (BBA). 
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This show starts off discussing #____NotGlocks, a project at the University of Texas where students are set to protest against open carry guns on campus with a conversation-stopping tactic; the show then moves to hear from the inspiring Say Their Names Project on the importance of sharing full stories;  the next segment covers Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ) and discuses how white people can show up for racial justice with other white people; and we close the show with tips for teaching social emotional learning as a parent.

*Special guests include: Jessica Jin, leader of a student movement against open carry of guns;  Nicole Lee, Esq., Say Their Names Project!; ​Erin Heaney, Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ); and Lina Acosta Sandaal, The Nest.

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The #RADIO show this week covers Beyonce, #BlackLivesMatter, and what pop culture does/doesn't do to move us forward; hears the inside scoop on the Presidential election from the Granite State; discusses the power of humor, red pumps and of using pop culture for change; and finds out why people are fighting over bathing suits and guns in Florida. 

*Special guests include: dream hampton (@dreamhampton) Revolve Impact, MomsRising, award-winning filmmaker and author; Christina D’Allesandro (@cdallesandro), MomsRising; Luvvie Ajayi (@LuvvieAwesomely Luvvie and Red Pump Project; Patricia Brigham, League of Women Voters Florida.

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Happy New Year! We're off this week, but please enjoy one of our favorite episodes from 2015!

During the #RADIO show this week we covered the big, sexy victory with the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit in Congress; discussed inspiring work by the Women’s Foundation to advance fair pay; stood up with the #WeAreBetterThanThis movement; and strategized about ending mass incarceration.
*Special guests include: U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown; Wendy Doyle, Women's Foundation; Ben Wikler, MoveOn; Dante Barry, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice.
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Happy Holidays! We're off until 2016, but until then please enjoy one of our very favorite episodes of 2015!

Inspiring guests on the #RADIO show this week talking about paid family leave, marriage equality, early learning and pre-k for all, voter suppression, and how you can be a part of the solution!  *Special guests include: Sarah Warbelow, Human Rights Campaign; Sheena Wadhawan, Employment Justice Center; Jessica Hiltabidel, Center for Inspired Teaching; Barbara ArnwineTransformative Justice Coalition and host of Igniting Change.

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