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On the #RADIO show this week we cover the latest on healthcare and what you can do to make sure it isn’t cut for 23 million people; the terrible, awful, no good, very bad budget that Trump proposed and how to stop it; paid family and medical leave in the United States of America; and why David Clarke’s appointment to the Department of Homeland Security is a disaster.

*Special guests include: Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, @RepDebDingell; Melissa Boteach, Poverty to Prosperity Program at American Progress, @amprog; Katie Bethell, PL+US@PaidLeaveUS; and Christine Neuman-Ortiz Voces de la Frontera@voces_milwaukee

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On the radio show this week we cover Eric Liu’s new book, “You’re More Powerful Than You Think;” we bust myths about immigration policy and cover the many contributions of immigrants to our economy; we talk what you can do to get rid of the motherhood wage hit; and discuss how fighting for liberty, justice, equity and equality can be both fun and high impact.

 *Special guests include: Eric Liu, Citizen University and award winning author; Elisa Ortiz, Appleseed Network; Maya Raghu, National Women’s Law Center; and Donna Norton, MomsRising. 

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On this #RADIO this week we cover Comey's firing and Russia investigation; bad bills with good names and how to tell the difference; protecting access to healthy foods for kids; and why diversity makes us a stronger nation.

*Special guests include: Kathryn Stoner,  Center for Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law at Stanford University, @StonerWeiss; Ross Eisenbrey, Economic Policy Institute, @economicpolicy; Howell Weschler,  Alliance for a Healthier Generation, @HealthierGen; Miriam Yeung, co-founder We Belong Together and former ED of National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, @miriamyeung

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This week's show is a repeat of the April 24th episode. The show will return to regular coverage next week!

On the #RADIO show this week we cover the best tactics for fighting for justice in the time of Trump; tips for mindfulness in parenting and the benefits of bilingualism; why access to healthcare including Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is important and impacts us all; and how Washington State is leading the way in protecting women, moms, and the economy.
*Special guests include: U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal, @PramilaJayapal Lina Acosta Sandaal,; Dr. Ben Sommers, @HarvardChanSPH; Washington State Representative Jessyn Farrell, @jessynfarrell1.
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On the #RADIO show this week we cover policies that are moving forward at the local level and how you can have an impact & talk tactics for holding the line at the federal level.  We discuss Seattle's recent paid family leave proposal; Trump’s terrible tax proposal that hurts our economy & only a billionaire could love; how to hold the line on healthcare; and good news on childcare policy and Pre-K for all in New York City.
*Special guests include: Seattle City Council Member Lorena Gonzalez, @SeattleCouncil;  Amy Matsui, National Women’s Law Center, @NWLC; Donna Norton, MomsRising, @MomsRising;  Andrea Hagelgans, City of New York, @andreahagelgans.
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