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On the #RADIO show this week we cover immigration, family separation, breaking the glass ceiling, new organizing for new times, the importance of high quality and affordable childcare, and also

*Special guests include:  Alicia Garza, @blackfutureslab, @chasinggarza; Cheryl Contee, Fission Strategy, @fissionstrategy; Julie Kahshen, @JulieKashen, @TCFdotorg (The Century Foundation); and Astrid Dominquez, ACLU, @ACLU
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On the #RADIO show this week we discuss why the proposed cuts to SNAP are more devastating that many know, what’s going on with the wage gap, why Trump’s practiced of intentionally separating moms from kids is wrong, and what’s going on right now in Puerto Rico and how you can help.
*Special guests include:  Liza Lieberman, Director of Public Policy at MAZON;  Andrea Johnson, National Women’s Law Center; Mitra Ebadolahi, ACLU;  Andrea González-Ramírez, Refinery 29.  
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On the radio show this week we talk about the wave of change that’s sweeping our nation and signs of hope that women’s power is indeed rising. We also cover women standing up for every immigrant woman, child, and family to be treated fairly; about how women are winning primary elections across the country; and about how white women like me need to talk with other white women about not calling the police on Black people simply for living (Check out this CNN article on the topic that went viral this week: )
*Special guests include: Teresa Younger, Ms. Foundation President; U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal; Congressional candidate Liz Watson; and Ruth Martin of MomsRising.
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On the #RADIO show this week we cover how people are getting information and what it means to have changing mediums; the new #KeepMarching book; what’s going on in immigration policy and how you can help; the latest on protecting kids electronic data and a report from the USOW; and why decreasing maternal mortality is an emergency in the US right now.
*Special guests include: Dream Hampton, writer, award winning filmmaker, and organizer, @dreamhampton; Angy Rivera, No Le Digas a Nadie documentary film, @AskAngy, @NYSYLC; Karen Showalter, MomsRising, @MomsRising; and Monifa Bandele, @MomRising.
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On the #RADIO show this week, we cover the next best steps in gun violence prevention; a new study showing that 81% of women have experienced harassment and steps to end it with; the campaign to get candidates to NOT take contributions from the NRA anymore (; and we close the show talking about the power of stories and of YOUR voice is covered next.
*Special guests include: Pastor Mike McBride, PICO Network, Live FREE Campaign, @pastormykmac; Holly Kearl, Stop Street Harassment, @HKearl; Nadine Smith,, Equality Florida, @1NadineSmith; and Donna Norton, MomsRising, @MomsRising. 
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On this show we talk about the power of women’s voices, stories, words and actions, we cover the #StateOfOurUnion, learn more about toxic stress and how to deal with it, and get the inside scoop on how tiny lobbyists can have a big impact. 
*Special guests include: Jamia Wilson, bestselling author and director of the Feminist Press, @jamiaw; Ai-jen Poo, National DOmestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) @domesticworkers@aijenpoo; author Nadine Harris Burke, MD, @DrBurkeHarris; and Michelle Morrison, Little Lobbyists, @LittleLobbyists.
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On the #RADIO show this week we celebrate that millions of women again just took to the streets to march on the Women’s March anniversary with the co-President of the march; we celebrate that paid family/medial leave is gaining momentum across the nation including in Pennsylvania where a recent poll found 80% support; we cover the new book Invisible No More: Police ViolenceAgainst Black Women and Women of Color; and we discuss the danger of marginalized communities getting pushed out of dual language programs and why it impacts you.

*Special guests include: Bob Bland, co-Preident of the Women’s March, @WomensMarch; Carey Cummings, Working Families Party PA, @wgfpaAndrea Ritchie, author, @dreanyc123; Conor Williams, New America, @NewAmerica.
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On the #RADIO show this week we talk about how people powered positive change is happening right now across the nation—and hear examples of recent wins across the country. We also get the inside scoop on the State of America's Children from the Children’s Defense Fund.
*Special guests include: Melissa Stewart@NYSWorkersComp‏; Councilmember Antonio Reynoso, @CMReynoso34; Maine Speaker of the House Sara Gideon, @saragideon; MaryLee Allen, Children’s Defense Fund, @ChildDefender
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On the #RADIO show this week, we cover the importance of net neutrality; how and why to speak up about the tax debacle in Congress; what’s happening with resisting and persisting in the states — and why we need to fight for the DREAM Act; and how paid family medical leave passed in New York!
*Special guests include: Jessica Rosenworcel, FCC Commissioner, @jrosenworcel; Elaine Maag, Urban Institute, @urbaninstitute; Sam Mungar, SiX,  @stateinnovation; and Molly Weston Williamson, A Better Balance, @ABetterBalance
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On the radio show this week we break down why the GOP tax plans are a disaster for our economy and for working families; we cover the MASSIVE effort being coordinated to get the word out about the open enrollment window for healthcare on through December 15th; hear from the brother of Khaleaf Browder about youth, criminalization, and why we need to raise the age; and get the inside scoop from a former elected official on the state of politics in America right now.
*Special guests include:  Elyssa Koidin-Schmier, MomsRising, @MomsRising;  Erin Hemlin, Young Invincibles, @YoungInvincible; Deion Browder, brother of Khaleaf Browder; and Bill Finkbeiner, political expert.
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